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Chandra Khanduri

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Brig. Chandra B Khanduri


Brigadier Chandra B Khanduri is well-known biographer & military historian. He has served as an officer of the Gorkha Brigade of the Indian Army both in war and in situation of no-war-no-peace throughout his thirty-three years of service. He fought with distinction in three major wars: Congo as part of Organisation deNation Unies au Congo, 1961-62; the 1965 and 1971 Indo-Pakistan Wars. He was wounded in the Congo and Mentioned-in-Despatches for gallantry; he was again seriously wounded during the 1965 Indo-Pak war, the consequence of which he has continued to suffer as a life-long disability. Upon superannuation from active service, he took to writing. A fellow of ICHR and American Biographical Institute beside several others, among his acclaimed books are: Kautilya on war-The Military Wisdom of the Arthasastra, Field Marshal KM Cariappa: His Life & Times; Thimayya, An Amazing Life; General & Strategists; Soldiers & Politicians.Crusading on, he hopes to complete is autobiographical book of current history Those were the Days: Uncensored Recollections from a Soldier’s Life. He continues to work for the welfare of ex Servicemen in Nepal besides contributing to India-Pakistan Soldiers’ Peace Initiative. Read My Story


Kautilya-On War

This book offer the vast vista of warfare as covered by the Arthasastra highlighting relevence of modern times. Check Synopsis

Meri Dilli Meri Shaan

Meri Dilli, Meri Shaan nonetheless is a diversion from his normal discipline.It is light-hearted, humorous and caricurated. Check Synopsis

Thimayya -An Amazing Life

General Thimayya was not only brilliant tactician and strategist but one whose vision went beyond everyone else’s.Check Synopsis

Field Marshall KM Cariappa

Field Marshal KM Cariappa – His Life and Times  Check Synopsis

Soldiers and Politicians

Soldiers and Politicians Check Synopsis

Marching off with Colours

Marching off with Colours – A Rediscovered history of Gorkhas. Check Synopsis

Generals and Strategists

Who is general.Several parameters have been drawn on whats makes a general but the most comprehensive & self-sustaining. Check Synopsis

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Sun Tuz’s The Art of War-A Modern Perspective

Sun Tuz is familiar name, which which captivates the imagination of the readersof his treastise – The art of war. Check Synopsis

The History of The First Gorkha Rifles(The Malaun Regiment)

An illustrated History of The first Gorkha Rifles – The Malaun Regiment. Check Synopsis

Commissioned Works

-The Comprehensive History of IMA (1932-1998)
-The Sikh Epic (1840-2000)
-Volume III 1st Gorkha Rifles
-Illustrated History 1st Gorkha Rifles
-The Military History Series of USI
-The Korean Campaign
-The Rediscovered History of Gorkhas (1790-1820) by ICHR

Upcoming Books

Literary Works of A Soldier

Part One is a collection of short stories entitled The Untold Stories of War and Peace; Part Two contains the Poems compiled as The Ripple of Waves: A Garland of Poems. Read More+

Places far and wide – Sharing discoveries

There are two types of us: one who love to travel and the other who love to read books of travels wondering often at the endless craze of those who do so. Read More+

Those were the days: An autobiographical reflection

This book is both autobiography and current history. Generally history is the branch of knowledge dealing with past events, politico-social science, economy of a country, races and the continents of the world. Read More+

A book of essays

The Tie That Binds:Sino-Indian Relations-2014: Jihad:Gita:Window of Opportunity: Pak History & Common Culture: Napoleon:India’s Contribution…: India’s Epics; RMA-Iraq war 2003: Shock RMA. Read More+